History of Legados, Spanish Institute - Plateau, Montreal
Our history

History of Legados

We are inspired by our experience as immigrants and the role that languages play in our new lives, to be able to dream and create Legados.

One day, as immigrants, we make a stop and take a break at the intense -sometimes devouring- moments of our immigration process. That day, we feel a strong desire of embracing our history, remember our memories and tell them aloud, so that our language can come out of the drawers and burst into our conversations.

About Us, Legados Spanish Montreal

Our trajectories as immigrants have another origin, another time, voices, flavors, games and language. Many of us need a home where to put those legacies, a plce for them to be and exist.

That spark lighted up the desire to settle in Tiohiá:ke-Montreal the first foundational stones of Legados, our educational and cultural institute, where we think that Spanish is a wonderful excuse for everyone to be able to deploy their own potentialities.

In 2015, all these thoughts became a real project, almost as a proclamation for keeping the language alive! Welcome to Legados, our mission is to keep our legacy.


Mariana Marin

Institute with the mission of transmission of the Spanish language and Latin American cultures traveling with it.