Thematic Workshops

Spanish for schools or other agencies or institutions

Taller de español para establecimientos educativos - montreal

Spanish in its arts: a cultural, educational and recreational experience.

Visit us with your Spanish students and live a unique immersion experience. We offer you a full and rich day of learning language and art.   


Our proposal :

Welcome in the Legados Bookstore with reading animation, followed by an artistic activity of your choice: circus, rhythms and Latin-American dances, cooking and / or puppets. Linguistic and artistic activities are adapted to each group. 

The aim is to reinforce the educational content studied by the group in its Spanish course (at school, for example) and to explore Latin American cultures.


For primary and secondary schools
One group or one class is received at a time

Taxes and equipment included.

Cost subject to modifications for the cooking workshop.

Creative Writing Workshop

Taller escritura creativa en español - Legados Montreal

If you want to write literary texts in any of the variants: story, novel, poetry; or articles for blogs or magazines, or even book reviews, this workshop will help you through the reading and understanding of inspiring materials, both fiction and writing techniques. This workshop will also help you improve your reading skills and overcome the psychological and emotional barriers when facing the act of writing.

Young and adults
from 7pm to 8:30pm
Inicio del curso:
19 November 2019
Fin del curso:
17 December 2019

Creative Dance and Word Workshop

Taller creativo de danza y palabra - Legados Montreal

This workshop proposes to explore through our own body in movement the sensations that a germinal word -made of memories and trajectories that are often migrant and silenced- awakes in us.

The reading of sensitive literature (poetry, short fragments, lyrics), as well as the memories of our own trajectories, come to incite bodily sensations that will be carefully guided to allow creative exploration and choreographic body composition.

Afro-Colombian and rioplatenses movements and rhythms, such as cumbia and tango, will be incorporated, from the space of freedom that contemporary dance offers. From that body composition we will individually seek to provoke the act of writing to name the experience of how we merge both spheres.

A workshop to experience and feel, to go from the inner movement of the spirit to the act of dancing and writing. Starting from the premise that life is dance, this workshop is a proposal to remind us of it and to write our own dance steps.


From 17 years old
from 7pm to 9pm
Inicio del curso:
03 April 2019
Fin del curso:
22 May 2019

In charge of Carmen Ruiz

Theater Workshop for Children

Taller de teatro para niños en español, montréal

The foundational characteristic of this theater workshop for children is to emphasize in working together, recognizing the theater as a guided playful space.

By integrating different types of artistic languages, through the game and with a circus theme, the kids will explore: scenic body language skills, dramaturgy, musicality, orality, costumes, set design and lighting.

Throughout the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to address these elements of the performing arts. This proposal, in Spanish, encourages the use and enrichment of the language.


6 to 12 years
5pm to 6:30pm
Inicio del curso:
10 October 2018
Fin del curso:
14 November 2018

In charge of Carlos Lorenzi.

Initiation to Argentine Tango

Legados aprender español - tango argentino - montreal

In this tango workshop we will work on the awareness of the body itself, of space and of the other. The hug in tango and the connection. 

We will make an introduction to tango music and its different rhythms. We will seek to express with the body the different elements of music: the pulse, the rhythm, the melody and, if possible, the instrumentation.


From 7pm to 8:30pm
Inicio del curso:
11 September 2019
Fin del curso:
30 October 2019

Offered by Laura Carli


Credit photo: Marianne Charland

Adult Theater Workshop

Taller de teatro para adultos en español, montréal

Carlos Lorenzi offers this Legados workshop aimed at integrating theatrical technical language and knowledge such as action sequencing, improvisation and dramatic structure.

This theatre workshop offers a space for creative, artistic and playful development for the participant who will also have the opportunity to use Spanish within the context of the class.


From 17 years old
7pm to 9pm
Inicio del curso:
12 September 2019
Fin del curso:
21 November 2019

In charge of Carlos Lorenzi.


Guitar Workshop

Taller de guitarra acustica en español - Legados Montréal

Legados wants to be a space for learning and creation. In this group guitar course, Carlos Marcelo Martínez, a long-time teacher and musician, proposes to learn to play the guitar by practicing first and then learning the theory.

"Of course, I give directives, but you play by ear at the beginning and then you learn the theory. I think that's how interest, pleasure and joy are preserved", explains Carlos.

Music and voice: "I will integrate the voice into this course. The guitar will dominate, but the rhythms are always better adopted while humming a song. The whole will flow, the goal is to have fun and be carried away by the melody". For this course, you will be asked to bring your instrument.


From 17 years old
7pm to 8:30pm

In charge of: Carlos Marcelo Martínez

Blues - jazz guitar workshop

Taller de guitarra jazz en español

The plectrum

In this workshop we will take a tour of Blues and its cousin, Jazz (without forgetting other close relatives, such as Rock & Roll).

The workshop will be presented and oriented from the guitar; taking advantage of it to show and understand this instrument and its parts.

In this workshop we will work on:

  1. What is a guitar. Basic parts of an acoustic and electric guitar. 
  2. Origin and development of Blues music in the 20th century.
  3. Blues and Jazz (similarities and differences).
  4. Blues and Jazz characteristic sounds (chords and basic scales).
  5. Bases for playing these genres on guitar.



Do you tell me a story?

Taller de lecturas compartidas

One Sunday per month addressed to the community. A workshop to strengthen intergenerational links. We invite parents, uncles, grandparents, friends to share readings and knowledge with the children.


Last Sunday of each month
From 11h to 13h and from 14h to 16h

Painting workshop

Taller de pintura

Aimed at Spanish speakers or people who understand Spanish, the goal of this workshop is to embark on a creative awakening adventure where each person can make the most of their own artistic potential. For this, we will learn the main technical bases of painting, explore together inspiring references in the history of art and especially open to our own artistic impulses. The goal is to develop our pictorial language and to promote the understanding of the main grammars of painting.

In this workshop, we will design:

  • Various exercises to stimulate creativity through the creation of images.
  • Acrylic paint bases and other mixed techniques.
  • Basics of color theory and their emotional expressions.
  • Bases of composition.



From 13 years old.

Given by Véronica Tapia.