Creative Dance and Word Workshop | Legados
Creative Dance and Word Workshop

This workshop proposes to explore through our own body in movement the sensations that a germinal word -made of memories and trajectories that are often migrant and silenced- awakes in us.

The reading of sensitive literature (poetry, short fragments, lyrics), as well as the memories of our own trajectories, come to incite bodily sensations that will be carefully guided to allow creative exploration and choreographic body composition.

Afro-Colombian and rioplatenses movements and rhythms, such as cumbia and tango, will be incorporated, from the space of freedom that contemporary dance offers. From that body composition we will individually seek to provoke the act of writing to name the experience of how we merge both spheres.

A workshop to experience and feel, to go from the inner movement of the spirit to the act of dancing and writing. Starting from the premise that life is dance, this workshop is a proposal to remind us of it and to write our own dance steps.


Taller creativo de danza y palabra - Legados Montreal
From 17 years old
from 7pm to 9pm
03 April 2019
22 May 2019

In charge of Carmen Ruiz