Foreign Language Program

Legados promotes interculturality, for that reason it also addresses a non-Spanish-speaking public through an innovative program of Spanish as a foreign language that integrates the artistic disciplines, literature and Hispanic-American cultures to the Spanish lessons.

programa español lengua segunda

Courses according to your age

Alphabet soup

Children and Youth


Spanish for adults



Spanish for seniors



Module 1

Where do we live?

We discover our local Latin-Canadian community.


Module 2

Where do we come from?

We explore and recognize Hispanic-American identity origins.


Module 3

Where are we going?

We intend to live better together, we strengthen our cultural diversity and citizen participation.


Legados Philosophy to learn spanish

*These courses have this sequence in their weekly class: 

  • Free play-playroom
  • Period 1: Praise of Reading
  • Period 2: Spanish in Use
  • Period 3: Artistic discipline
  • Period 4: Spanish in Use

To learn more about why we use this sequence in our classes, visit our Philosophy.