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Heritage language program
Spanish on a BICYCLE

Focused on playfulness, the use of words, reading and writing and the development of artistic skills, this course proposes to reinforce and increase both Spanish and the cultural and artistic knowledge that Spanish speakers bring from their homes and their personal linguistic trajectories.

This course is designed to deepen the following competences: oral communication, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar in different contexts and Latin-Canadian socio-cultural contents. We work with authentic material and productions according to our students' interests and needs, in order to strengthen the link with the language and cultures of origin, and therefore facilitate the blend between the present English and French speaker and the Hispanic memory and identity.


Español en bicicleta
7 -11 years
De 16:00 a 17:00 hs | CURSO EN LINEA
Lunes y Miércoles
01 June 2020
10 July 2020
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Curso en línea | Lunes y Miércoles de 17 a 18hs.

Español en uso | Canto y música.