Spanish Courses for all Ages in Montreal
Learning Spanish in Montreal

Spanish Courses in Montreal for all Ages

Why study Spanish at Legados?

Because learning Spanish at Legados is also about discovering the Hispanic American cultures that accompany it. We offer courses for all levels, for all ages, in small groups and with highly qualified teachers.

Spanish as a heritage language

We are the first to offer a Spanish as a Heritage Language  program for descendants of Spanish speakers. For us, language is a heritage that affirms the Latino-Canadian identity of new generations. We are pioneers in this field in Montreal!

Spanish for All

The Spanish for All program offers more than just a foreign language course: it invites you to discover the world of Latin America and encourages intercultural encounters.

Specialized  Courses

Specialized courses designed to meet the needs of organizations, businesses, educational institutions and family projects. 

Summer camp

During the vacation season, we propose for children and teenagers the spring break and summer vacation school, an immersion program that combines Spanish and art.