Spanish Courses for all Ages in Montreal
Learning Spanish in Montreal

Spanish Courses in Montreal for all Ages

Because learning Spanish is also discovering the Hispano-American cultures that travel with him. Open courses for everyone, in small groups and with highly qualified teachers.

We are the first institute to offer a program called Spanish as a Heritage Language for descendants of Spanish speakers. We consider the language is a legacy that affirms the Latin-Canadian identities of the new generations. In this, we are pioneers in Montreal.

The Spanish for All program proposes an intercultural meeting with regular, intensive and specialized courses for all ages and levels.

The Thematic Workshops are another hallmark of our institute. They consist of workshops in Spanish focused in different artistic disciplines, such as theater, creative writing, and dance.

For Spanish teachers of all levels, we offer a short summer course called Teaching Spanish in Spanish, in partnership with Flacso Argentina.

Additionally, during the holidays, we propose an immersion program for children and teenagers that combines Spanish and arts in our summer camp.

The academic year consists of a program composed of three modules (10 weeks each). Each module answers an essential question, axis and thread of the activities proposed in the module. We learn the language by creating ...


Academic Year

Dónde vivimos

Module 1

Where we live?

We discovered our community

This module invites students to know and strengthen the local community and at the same time develop their linguistic skills in Spanish and their artistic skills.
The thematic axis revolves around the notion of community with its affective, cultural, values ​​and customs ties.

donde vivimos

Module 2

Where we come from?

We explore our identity origins

In this module we propose students to explore and recognize their identity origins while developing and deepening their linguistic and artistic skills.
The thematic axis revolves around the notion of identity: the images, the traditions, the own representations that help us to identify ourselves and to value ourselves positively as Latin Americans and Latin-Canadians.

hacia donde vamos

Module 3

Where are we going?

We intend to better live together

In this module, students will deepen their learning of Spanish and their capacity for critical thinking through creative projects that explore cultural diversity.
The thematic axis revolves around the notion of diversity: minority groups, intercultural dialogue and citizen participation.


The courses you choose according to your age are framed in a module. Each module lasts ten weeks and three modules make up the annual program. Classes are once a week, each class lasts three hours and follows the same sequence in all courses from 3 years old: playroom / free play, praise of reading, Spanish in use and artistic disciplines.

The objectives of the courses are to deepen the skills of oral communication, reading / writing, vocabulary, grammar, sociocultural content and artistic skills. In Legacies, we evaluate the competences so that there is an orderly progression of learning.