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We migrate to a virtual modality

02 April 2020

Legados reopens its courses for children and adults with the same formula: Spanish in use (language through literature) and art (singing and music by Pilar Jiménez).

The conditions that we are going to guarantee are for all groups the following:
The session lasts 6 weeks, with 2 weekly live meetings of 45 minutes each. One of 45 minutes of Spanish in live use, another of 45 minutes of singing and live music.

You will also receive and / or have access to authentic pedagogical teaching materials created to accompany the learning of each group, like ; videos,  books, interactive sites. 


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Heritage Language Program

3-5 years old

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Spanish for all

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Legados online

Happy Holidays!

18 December 2019

Summary of the month of the Latin American Heritage in Legacy transmitting the spirit of the Institute with Laura Crl, Saulo Olmedo Evans. Happy Holidays and thanks for your support.


Registration is open!

19 September 2018

These videos are a courtesy of our dear friends and collaborators: Tian Cartier de Calma Cine and Lucía Agüero de Flacso-Argentina

Improvisation on scale of Cueca on guitar by Andrea Bravo.

Legados en Latinarte

12 September 2018

Legados estuvo presente en la primera Feria Latina organizada por Latinarte en Montreal los días 8 y 9 de septiembre de 2017.
Gracias a ti, a vos, a ustedes que se detuvieron curiosos y nos manifestaron apoyo e interés por el proyecto.

Eventos Legados aprender español

Finalizamos la formación con FLACSO

11 August 2017

Legados celebró en Montreal 60 horas de formación en español lengua de herencia con la FLACSO de Argentina junto a los embajadores culturales de los Consulados Latinoamericanos, la comunidad y las representantes del soporte académico de FLACSO-Argentina el cierre de la Primera Formación en español lengua de herencia.

Legados finaliza formación con FLACSO