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Vera Cerqueiras

I am Vera Cerqueiras and I love what I do. I can not imagine my world without traveling, speaking, sharing. The magical thread that connects everything is Spanish. And now, Legados. Or could we have a better project than weaving meetings in the language we love with the future and the past of our personal and cultural history?

I have been doing this for 20 years, and now all these years found a channel in Montreal, on the shores of the Saint Laurent river. I have no doubt it will lead us to safe harbor.


Leticia Krsul

I am Leticia, I currently live and have always lived in Buenos Aires, where my home is and where I develop my profession: Spanish teacher. I joined Legados thanks to Mariana Marín and FLACSO Argentina's call. We have in common the love for the Spanish language and culture, and the interest in maintaining the language and revitalizing it wherever possible, through a project that is based on socio-affective learning, experience and teachers’ training.


Lucía Agüero

My name is Lucía Agüero and I am a lover of Spanish. My whole world revolves around it: the literature I choose to read and research, the writing I seek to develop and my profession: teaching language and literature to Argentines and foreigners.

Legados is a place for those who have an affective relationship with the Spanish language and Latin American culture. I am so happy to find, right on the other side of the continent, a place and a group of people with my same values and passions for this language that unites and embraces us.


Guadalupe Molina
Guadalupe Molina

Professor and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She works in the Spanish for foreigner’s area since 2003. She obtained her Training in teaching Spanish as a second and foreign language diploma of the Language Laboratory, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires.