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Noches de cuento
Cuentería en español

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Anímese, tómese tiempo para soñar y venga a escuchar cuentos Latinoamericanos.

“Noches de cuento”, noches para viajar, para contar-nos en español, para tejer historia juntos. Con invitados especiales de toda latino américa. Legados ofrece un espacio para acercarle las memorias de allá desde un presente en transformación desde aquí. Noches de cuento es una soirée para un público adulto donde el silencio y la palabra se encuentran para alumbrar la oscuridad de estos meses de invierno.


Intercultural choir for adults

Legados is offering a new cross-cultural choir class for adults aged 17 and up. At Legados, we consider singing and music as being universal languages that strongly contribute to the construction of a diverse society. The choral repertoire is primarily Latin American, although soundscapes specific to Montreal are also explored. It is the members of the choir who will give color to the sounds of our choir, while being encouraged to create dialogues between cultures.

Music allows us to rediscover ourselves and provides us with tools for coexistence and encounter.

Age : from 18 years old


Fall Session 2022 - September 14 to December 7, 2022 (13 weeks)

Winter Session 2023 - January 11 to May 10 (17 weeks)

*No rehearsal on March 1, 2022

*Concert at the end of each session. Date and time to be confirmed.

Previous Audition. 

For annual registration or for more information please contact us at

Argentine Tango Workshop

In this introductory tango workshop, we will work on body awareness (proprioception), the tango embrace and connection. We are going to discuss the two roles that form the dance couple to better understand the dialogue between the two people when it comes time to dance. It is not necessary to bring tango shoes.

Offered by Laura Carli
8 classes with the two teachers.

Credit photo: Marianne Charland

1 curso - del 17 de septiembre al 5 de noviembre 2022
Creative Writing Workshop

If you want to write literary texts in any of the variants: story, novel, poetry; or articles for blogs or magazines, or even book reviews, this workshop will help you through the reading and understanding of inspiring materials, both fiction and writing techniques. This workshop will also help you improve your reading skills and overcome the psychological and emotional barriers when facing the act of writing.

8 classes
Poetry workshop (virtual) - Given by Julieta Lerman - As of September 7, 2022.

Creative writing workshop (in person) - Given by Francisco García González - Coming soon.

Taller de poesía en español (7 sept - 26 oct)
Piano course

Legados is embarking on a new musical project which will allow us to introduce to a new piano lesson for all ages. Through these courses (available in French, English and Spanish) we will be able to establish the first technical bases of the piano for beginners and, for those who are already at a more advanced level, we will work to solidify the technique and the capacity of musical expression through the instrument.

This new project, in addition to teaching the first notions and concepts with the instrument, will allow students to explore the universal classical repertoire of the great European composers and of different periods in history, and to discover the rhythms and colors of Latin American diversity and its composers.

horarios piano in
  • From 5 years old
  • Individual lessons (according to the schedule agreed upon at the time of registration)
  • Modality: at Legados-institute or online

Winter session: January 10 to June 3, 2022 (20 weeks) - break week of February 28 to March 5, 2022

Course open all year round. Contact Legados to register: Phone: (514) 867-9363,

Children's Choir in Spanish

Legados seeks to expand and enrich its children's choir class by exploring and discovering the soundscapes of Latin America. A choir is a space of coexistence and permanent dialogue, and it is in this space that we want to forge new bonds through music. Children between the ages of 7 and 16 will find in the Legados Children's Choir a space to develop their vocal resources, discover new musical genres and cultures through a quality musical experience through singing.

Music in childhood is not only an excellent pedagogical tool for the musical education of children, but in an environment such as Montreal, it also contributes to strengthening the socio-cultural fabric and helps create spaces for empathy and dialogue.

Age: From 7 to 16 years old

Dates: January 10 to June 3, 2022 (20 weeks - concert the last week) - break from February 25 to March 5, 2022.

Pre-audition. No choral or vocal experience necessary.