Courses for adults
Regular program

Our regular program for adults and seniors is designed according to objectives and levels recognized worldwide and in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Our course for adults has a total duration of 1 year. From A1 to B1 level, each of our 5 levels consists of 8 weeks each, with two weekly meetings: a 2-hour course of Spanish in use and a 1-hour course of conversation, phonetics and culture. Our courses facilitate the development of diverse intercultural competences and offer a space of total immersion in Spanish with highly prepared material and staff.  In addition to the above, we have a large Spanish library and Cultural Experience workshops available for our students of all levels.


Inquires about the level test:


We offer three payment options:

1. "Full year" includes: registration to one workshop during the year, entrance to all our movie nights, preferential entrance price to our events and free access to our library.

2. "Year in two payments" includes: admission to all our movie nights and free access to our library.

3. "Payment per course" includes: free access to our library.


Sessions of courses 2024-2025:

- September 9 to October 31.

-October 30 to December 22.

-January 13 to March 3.

-March 10 to April 28.

-May 5 to June 23.


The regular private program has the same structure as the regular group program, adjusting the content to the student's needs.  The language course is individual and the duration of the program is 8 weeks. The teacher will determine your level at the first session.

Cost : According to the number of hours
- Language course (2h): day and time to be agreed upon between the student and Legados.

Level: All levels available. To be agreed directly with the teacher.

Course open all year, contact Legados for registration: Phone: (514) 867-9363

Spanish for adults
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