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Regular program

Our regular program for adults and seniors is designed according to internationally recognized objectives and levels (MECR). Each level - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - is composed of four ten-week modules, with two weekly meetings, a 1.5-hour course in general Spanish and a course in an artistic discipline. The latter course facilitates the development of intercultural competence and provides a space for immersion in Spanish. In the first levels, a course of phonetics, vocal technique and culture is offered, in intermediate levels, courses of cinema debate, Latin American cuisine, among others, and conversation courses for advanced levels. The workshops of the Cultural Experience program are available for intermediate and advanced levels.

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The regular individual program has the same structure as the regular group program, with a slight variation in the duration of the module. 
Cost: $725.00
  • 8 weeks
  • 2 meetings per week

- Language course (1.5 hours): Contact Legados to set a date and time.

- Artistic discipline course*: To be chosen at the time of registration (optional).

Level: All levels available

Course open all year, contact Legacies for registration: Phone: (514) 867-9363 | (438) 728 - 0548,

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