Legados, learning Spanish in Montreal

Qué es Legados - Instituto educativo de español en montreal

What is Legados?

Legados (Legacies) is an educational and cultural institute that promotes Hispanism and affirms Latin-Canadian identities. Its language and culture original programs and its team of talented teachers make of Legados the ideal place not only to learn Spanish, but also to find a way of re-discovering the own culture.

Legados, aprendiendo español

Legados de mi lengua ¡Tomémoslos! pasea la palabra migrante, llega de una América a la otra para que entrelenguas tejas mundos, vivas lenguas, siembres letras filosas, pintes la curva del sur al norte y de tu boca y de tu pluma como llama que no se apaga, tus palabras, tus destellos nos acojan, nos celebren, nos cobijen.

Why study Spanish in Legados?

In Legados we give priority to your creativity and imagination. Our programs Spanish Heritage Language and Spanish for All offer an innovative way of learning Spanish by integrating artistic disciplines, such as theater, painting, music, literature and Hispanic-American cultures.

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Learn Spanish, we have a selection of courses according to your age and needs, with an amusing and innovative teaching method.

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Come to Legados and learn Spanish in the heart of Montreal