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Heritage Language Program

Spanish courses in Montreal

The languages of inheritance or origin are those spoken by immigrants in their homes and are different from the official language spoken by the society in countries with migratory flows.

These spanish courses aim to improve your linguistic skills and deepen the link with the language and our cultures of origin, thus promoting in you the future representatives of the Hispanic community in Canada.


Spanish Language Courses

It is very important to speak the language at home, but it is not enough for the language to evolve with the children. For this, we need places like Legados, of linguistic and cultural transmission, that represent us as Latin Americans.

Courses are chosen according to your age, they are annual and develop through each module. Each module lasts ten weeks and three modules make up the annual program. Classes are once a week, each one takes three hours. The same sequence appears in all courses from 3 years old: playroom/free play, reading encouragement, Spanish in Use and Artistic disciplines.


Courses according to your age

Legados I:

Spanish in Diapers

0-2 years


Legados II:

Spanish on Skateboard *

3 to 5 years


Legados III:

Spanish on a Bicycle *

6 to 11 years


Legados IV:

Crossings *

12 to 17 years


Module 1

Where do we live?

We discover our local Latin-Canadian community.


Module 2

Where do we come from?

We explore and recognize Hispanic-American identity origins.


Module 3

Where are we going?

We intend to live better together, we strengthen our cultural diversity and citizen participation.


Legados Philosophy to learn spanish

*These courses have this sequence in their weekly class: 

  • Free play-playroom
  • Period 1: Praise of Reading
  • Period 2: Spanish in Use
  • Period 3: Artistic discipline
  • Period 4: Spanish in Use

To learn more about why we use this sequence in our classes, visit our Philosophy.